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2912 Moments of Media was founded in 2011 by Siobhan Patrina Graham. After studying a B.A Hons degree in Media production and Journalism, she then gained valuable work experience at a top television production company in the Heart of London and then engaged on a course with the Princes trust. Siobhan Patrina Graham sparked a successful career in the field of creative writing where she developed her writing skills by writing for Fashion T.V online. She then went on to writing her very own blogs, drama shows and playwrights.

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In addition to creating powerful and entertaining videos, 2912 Moments of Media also offer educational training courses set to arrive in the near future, based on developing individuals looking for valuable experience within the media industry.

Working closely with other writers, actors and entreprenuers Siobhan was destined to bring charisma to other people's lives. At 2912 Moments of Media, we are passionate about diversity, quality and innovativity. We produce a wide range of video and can offer a bespoke service to individual clients.

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